What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is simply an office phone system in the cloud. Instead of having traditional analog phone lines run to your office, Cloud PBX is delivered via the internet.

Can I keep my phone number?

Absolutely! Verv Tel’s network covers over 90% of Canada and the USA. Our coverage is always expanding give us a call today to see if your city is covered.

I’ve had problems with VoIP in the past. Will this happen with Verv Tel?

Verv Tel has a unique service delivery model not used by other providers. This service delivery network eliminates the common issues that can affect call quality and issues with VoIP service.

Can I still use my fax machine?

With the use of a VoIP adapter you can continue using your existing fax machine.

Do I need a VoIP phone?

No. You can continue using your analog phone but you will need a VoIP adapter to use an analog phone with our services.

Can I use my existing VoIP or IP phone?

We support most VoIP and IP phones that communicate using the SIP protocol. We recommend using Yealink phones as they have been thoughtfully tested for compatibility with our network. If you choose to use your existing phone and it does not support the management functions we use, support for your phone may be limited. Additionally if you choose to bring your own phone which is not Yealink you will not be able to benefit from our Secure Network.

Are your apps Mac OS compatible?

Yes. Our apps are fully compatible with the latest version of Mac OS.

Are your apps PC compatible?

Yes. We offer a full suite of apps for your PC running Windows XP or later.

How many phones can I have?

The only restriction on the number of phones you can use is the internet speed at your office. If you need a large number of phones well gladly work with you to ensure everything will work smoothly.

Payment options

We are pleased to accept Visa and MasterCard. Other payment methods may be available with approval from our customer care team. Please contact us at 877-884-3049 for more information.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs for VoIP phones, adapters and other goods sold is calculated at checkout or provided in a quote from the sales team.

Where we ship

Currently we ship to Canada and the USA.

911 Information

911 Calls are answered by our monitoring center and routed to the closest emergency center in your area.

Please note 911 services will not function in the event of a network failure, power outage or other event which may interrupt your connection to us.

What is responsive customer service?

Our philosophy of “responsive customer service” means were:

  • ready to help
  • friendly and knowledgeable
  • respond in a timely manner
  • deliver on time

What currency is service billed in?

We currently provide dual currency support for our Canadian and American customers.

What are Verv Tel’s Business Hours?

Were open from:

9:00am – 8:00pm EST – Monday to Friday

11:00am – 6:00pm EST – Saturday and Sunday

Closed all Canadian holidays